One Star House Party: A true foodie experience.

Every now and then you come across an experience that is truly one of a kind, something so special that you know you are almost never likely to meet its equivalent again. For many people this can be something like a wedding or birth, for me it was dining at One Star House Party.

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Mr Albert Potter’s grandfather clock.

A story about Principles.

Mr Albert Potter’s antique grandfather clock struck at 6AM. The polished mahogany giant was located inside room 4A, where Mr Albert Potter’s stayed and would wake the entire floor in the “Autumn Leaf Care Centre for the Elderly but still Full of Life” retirement home. Mr Albert Potter inherited the clock from his late father Mr Albert Potter Senior who was given the clock by the shoelace factory where he worked for nearly 50 years upon retirement. Continue reading

Wine. A place where everyone knows your name.

In a dark, hip bar she sat against the window on a red bar stool…

The naked lightbulbs hung trendily above her, illuminating her face with a soft yellow glow. The place had an atmosphere of poetry, art and intellect. Her thick dark hair braided over her head like a German milkmaid fit this high image in a measured, ironic way. She was drinking a glass of chardonnay, wooded, in a tumbler that looked like it was stolen from the set of Downton Abbey. She loved the way the tumbler fit in her hand, cooling her fingertips before the rich liquid flowed icily down her throat. She never understood why some bars insist on serving wine in tumblers instead of elegant long-stems, but she didn’t really care either, she loved how it made her look.  Continue reading

Foraging into the deeper tastes of The Botanist

Revamping the gin ‘n Tonic.

I am by no means an expert of alcohol, spirits, wines or even beer and was thus quite unsure about how to take on the challenge of reviewing The Botanist gin. The bottle itself is an imposing force, so beautiful and carefully designed and crafted, you almost feel scared to pop the cork — yes there is actually a rubber cork (that’s how I generally classify alcohol to be the good stuff). It was more than a week that The Botanist was looming unopened on the dining room table before I had the courage to take it on, and honestly now after I have explored its delicate tastes, I don’t think I can ever turn to any other alcohol again. Continue reading

Searching for Japan in Cape Town

Recently it was decided in my household that the next destination to which we would travel would be Japan. Beautiful, distant, mystical Japan. Think misty mountains, blooming blossoms and tables so full of sushi it cascades off the edges. Too far on the stereotypes, right? Seriously though, when we talk about visiting new and exciting places food always comes into the equation doesn’t it? Author Scott Westerfelf famously said in his novel Afterworlds, “The best way to know a city, is to eat it.” As humans we get excited by the ‘newness’ of a place through the local food, turning me to think about what I really know about Japanese cuisine.

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