Caramellow-raspberry puffs

Because. Happiness.

Looking for a way to package happiness? Well, if anything could hold happiness in bitesize chunks, it would be cream puffs. Caramel-stuffed cream puffs laden with raspberry coulis. Getting into the spirit yet? Good, because they are easy, cheap and delectably yummy.

So I learnt how to make these puff-stars when I was about 11 years old. Some friend who was somewhat more of an acquaintance asked me to join her cooking class group. I said yes not because I wanted to learn how to cook, but mainly because my two other cooking partners were part of the cool kids gang. Funny how things can start just by trying to be cool, hey? So after 15 years, those 6 months of  huddling in a lady’s kitchen to learn how to bake, make jam and chicken pie amongst, my cream-puff recipe is as yellow and worn out as only the bestest of recipes can be. Fill ’em up with chocolate, caramel, mushy banana. Anything goes as long as you can squirt it through. Be creative, what’s your favour combination?


-250 ml Boiling water

-250ml Cake flour

-125g Butter

-4 Large eggs

-1 Pinch of salt

For the Filling:

-250g fresh raspberries

-250 ml fresh cream (whipped)

-1 Tin caramel

-Vanilla essence

-Orange peel

-Fresh mint


In a pot, mix butter and water until bubbling. Add flour and salt and mix well until mixture sticks away from edges. Take pot off heat and add the eggs one by one, mixing each well before adding the next one. Place mixture into a funnel bag and squeeze small droplets of dough onto a prepared tray. Bake for about half an hour in a hot 200 degree Celsius oven until golden brown. When cooled completely, use the back-end of a wooden spoon to gently pop a hole in the bottom of the puffs. This is where the tastiness will come in.


While the puffs cool, whip cream until stiff. Fold in a dash of vanilla essence and orange peel to taste. Using a mortar and pestle ( or any other device that will do the trick) crush raspberries. You don’t want it pulped, just in a slightly more manageable form to squeeze into a puff. Cut mint finely and add to coulis to taste. Using three piping bags (strong plastic bags with the ends cut off also work), scoop your three ingredients individually. You can pipe as you like, but I find piping the cream into the puff first allows it to retain its lightness. Then squeeze some raspberry-mint coulis and caramel to act like a sweet plug to keep the deliciousness inside. The trick of it all is to get the measurements right, but the puffs are remarkably flexible so don’t worry about going too far.

These are best served fresh (of course, we are talking cream) but if they are stored for a day in the fridge they’ll stay tasty as ever. So. I’m a vanilla-rasberry-caramello type of person, what flavours speak to you?

Prep time: 30 Minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes


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