Flourless Nutella Chocolate Pie

2 Ingredients. Minimum Effort, maximum results.

Nutella, eggs and an oven. Has delicacy ever been easier? Thanks to Masterchef Australia favourite, Matt Preston it is. I recently tried this recipe more out of intrigue than anything else and I have to admit that we have a goodie on our hands, with a few minor adjustments of course. (I’m a control freak, what else would you expect!)

So. A perfect pairing to a long, drawn-out meal, this dessert is magically easy as it is pleasing. Serve it slightly heated up (made beforehand of course) with a dollop of ice-cream or crème fraîche and some fresh fruits, and you end up with something a bit between a traditional chocolate pud and chocolate mousse. A definite recipe to bookmark for an evening where hosting and dinner creeps up on you, or you know, when you are home alone with a bottle of Chardonnay it will be equally pleasing 😉


-6 Large eggs

-240 g Nutella (go for another jar to make it extra decadent)


Separate eggs and whisk egg whites until they are light and fluffy, but not stiff. Slightly heat up Nutella and fold into the mixture with egg yolks. Mix until just combined, pour into a prepared baking tray and bake for  20- 30 minutes or until a knife comes out clean. Let cool completely. As an optional, sprinkle with icing sugar and fresh fruit just before serving, or heat it up slightly in the microwave and serve with your choice of creams.

Prep time: 10 Minutes

 Cooking time: 25 Minutes


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