Sweet ‘n Salty Palmiers

I call them “Piggy Ears”…

I grew up with palmiers, the sweet, flaky and delicious pastry crisps generally found at cake sales and old-lady pastry shops. It was love at first sight, the buttery crunch, the crispy sugar and the general idea of it being a “classy cookie”. I was taught that they were called “Piggy Ears”, however, and for years I actually believed they were porcine until of course I bit into some crispy crackling expecting the same sweet sensation at which point I quickly realised that they were merely likened to piggies for their look and signature curves. Who cares anyway, they are still absolutely delicious. This is a quick and easy way to make them yourself should the nearest cake shop or old lady be out of stock. The flavour is zooped up a bit with a variation of parmesan and apricot jam and parmesan and fresh blueberries as  I am completely and utterly in love with the whole salty ‘n sweet phenomenon. The beauty of this one is you can alternate fillings as you wish for your own personal taste, be it nuts, chocolate, cheese or just cool old-fashioned cinnamon sugar. These are a great tea-time snack, but make them as you need as they don’t keep too long. Fresh is always best! 😉


2 Rolls puff pastry (store-bought, ready-made)

1 Egg (beaten, for wash)

Grated parmesan cheese (a small 300g triangle should be enough)

2 Spoonfuls apricot jam

1 Handful fresh blueberries, halved

Cling wrap


Be sure your puff pastry is completely defrosted should you have bought is ready-made before you touch any ingredient. Work with one roll of puff pastry at a time, rolling it out to be about 1-2 mm thick. Spread the jam lightly across the roll, leaving about a 1 cm space at the ends in length (the ends that will be rolled). Cover pastry with a thin layer of grated parmesan. Press cheese and jam mixture lightly into pastry using a rolling-pin (wine bottles make excellent rolling pins). Starting at an end, make a tiny fold in the pastry to begin the rolling process towards half of the sheet. This is quite finicky, you need a tight roll to keep it together, but too tight and it won’t cook, so try to find a happy medium. Do the same with the other end. When the ends meet each other, paint the meeting spot with the egg wash. Now roll the log into some cling wrap, again not too tightly and stick it into the fridge. Do exactly the same with the second puff pastry, but replace apricot jam with halved blueberries. Roll in cling wrap in place in fridge for at least 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 120 degrees. Place the logs on a cutting board and start slicing slices using a very sharp non-serated knife. You want sites to be about 1 cm thick. Press the slices lightly with either a rolling pin or your hands to half its size and place on a buttered baking tray. Bake until golden brown and flaky. Cooking time will depend on how much filling you used but look at about 30 minutes. Should your fillings cook quicker than the pastry, just take the oven a few degrees down. Let cool and enjoy!

Happy Eating! 😉

Prep time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 30+ minutes


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