It’s time to vote for the South African Blog Awards!

Come on, help a girl out…

SA Blog Awards BadgeEvery year the South African Blog Awards roll past with a whole lot of excitement and fervour. And I’m calling in the the big guns, which is you, to vote for Food Fellowship and Wine as a major competitor. Voting opens December 1 2015 and continues until January 8 2016. This means you have a whole month and more to cast your vote, and please remember that you literally only have one vote per category. So no matter how much you love this blog, please don’t spam vote πŸ˜‰

Just click on one of the badges on this page to be directed to the voting station, and please choose “food blog” as category. IMPORTANT: You will receive a confirmation email which you NEED to respond to in order to confirm your vote.

I appreciate each and every vote and please don’t be afraid to share this page as widely as possible.

As always, happy eating! πŸ˜‰

SA Blog Awards Badge

SA Blog Awards BadgeΒ  Β SA Blog Awards Badge



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