Review: Bacon on Bree

And yes. It is a bacon restaurant.

If you are thinking about it logically, a restaurant entirely dedicated to bacon doesn’t really need a review, right? I mean it’s bacon, what else in life is there? Although that is completely and utterly true, I see it as my responsibility to preach the gospel about this little piece of heavenly dining. Bacon on Bree is truly one of the coolest and most delicious joints around and their love for bacon is apparent in the dishes that respect the much-loved ingredient in its entirety. A self-proclaimed ‘baconporium’ you’ll find food satisfaction experienced very seldom elsewhere. Try it, I couldn’t have been happier even if I fried…

The man the world has to thank for Bacon on Bree is Richard Bosman, meat curer extraordinaire. He not only owns the eatery but also ensures the product used is locally sourced of the highest standard, including the bacon that is the result of pigs specially reared in the countryside. That of course means deliciously freshly baked bread from the bakery down the road, luscious and fresh greens and then we aren’t even mentioning the special homemade sauces paired with the pork. Now I don’t mean to sound biased, but previously when I visited the joint for a review, I sat next to Masterchef judge Matt Preston, who was raving so much about the food I couldn’t help but fall in love with the place even more.

The Anti-Hero sandwich: Bread and bacon, simple.

One of my favourites on the menu is “The Anti-Hero”, a plain and utterly satisfying meal. A whopper of perfectly fried bacon sandwiched between two giant slices of homestyle bread with a homemade tomato sauce. The bacon is crispy, the bread soaks up all the juices, and to be honest it’s the type of sandwich that takes you back to your happiest memory of childhood. I honestly saw picnics, swimming parties and love in my first bite, and that’s how you generally know when a sandwich is good.

The Unicorn Burger: Because why can’t you make a patty from chorizo?

Another one to try is “The Unicorn Burger”, a chorizo burger patty with minced bacon, leaves, tomato and fried onion served with homemade tomato sauce and baconnaise. This one is messy, rich and almost everything you want in a burger. The baconnaise (bacon mayonnaise) is especially yummy and something quite special being zingy, creamy and bacon-ey at the same time. Just be sure you are hungry as it’s BIG. There are loads of other delicious sandwiches, dishes and even salads to try, special note to “The Rabbit” that consists of lettuce, rocket, endive, avo, bacon, blue cheese, croutons and nuts.



Inside the restaurant you can also buy the delicious sauces, spices, decorations anreven Richard Bosman’s famous cured meats. Go there and go crazy, everything looks yummy and most definitely tastes yummy. Bacon on Bree also serves amazing coffees and juices and with a gin bar right next door where you can get something a bit stronger if need be.

Price: About R100 including coffee

Ambiance: Very laid-back lunch vibes

Open: Monday to Friday 7AM- 4PM. Saturday 8AM- 2PM

For more info visit Bacon on Bree here.



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